Our projects are game changers. They answer difficult questions and apply new technologies and rigorous technical solutions to programs that improve lives around the globe. A look at our projects offers insight into how we’re continuously asking “What if?” We discover new ways to help people move from vulnerability to security—through good health, a thriving natural environment, economic stability, effective governance and social equity.

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Assessing the Family and Medical Leave Act


  • DOL has commissioned a study to understand the range of perspectives on FMLA.
  • Update and expand evidence about FMLA use and leave-taking.
  • Aggregate results and results for selected subgroups.


Evaluating the Section 811 Rental Assistance Program


  • Section 811 expands the housing supply for poor people with disabilities.
  • Abt assessed the impact of these changes on program participants.
  • A final evaluation report was released in Spring 2020.


Identifying Core Components of Effective Youth Programs


  • ASPE wanted to identify core components of effective youth programs to inform practice.
  • Abt conducted a comprehensive meta-analysis of hundreds of programs.
  • Abt is using the findings to produce guidelines for practitioners.


Building Evidence for Reemployment Services


  • Need for DOL standards for evidence-based reemployment service interventions.
  • Review of evidence for programs and development of options for evidence standards.
  • Projected results availability in 2020.


Success Boston: Evaluating Transition Coaching for College Success


  • Does the college transition program Success Boston Coaching work?
  • Abt measured college persistence, achievement and financial aid filing among participants and similar students.
  • The results demonstrated that the program is having many of the desired effects.


Evaluating Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG)

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) wanted to use one solution to solve two problems: low wages for adults and a shortage of skilled healthcare workers. The solution: Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) to train low-income adults for in-demand healthcare jobs with the potential for good wages and career advancement. Abt is evaluating two rounds of grants. Under HPOG 1.0, Abt evaluated 23 grantees operating 42 programs. Under HPOG 2.0, Abt is evaluating 27 grantees operating 38 programs.


Impact of COVID-19 on Children, Families and Providers in Massachusetts

Abt Associates collaborated on the surveys with the Saul Zaentz Early Education Initiative at the Harvard Graduate School of Education as part of the Early Learning Study at Harvard (ELS@H).


Year Up Boosts Earnings For Low-skilled Young Adults

Under the Pathways for Advancing Careers and Education (PACE) study, the Abt team evaluated Year Up, a national training program in growth sectors such as finance and information technology for adults 18-24. Year Up provides six months of technical training followed by a six-month internship. During the year, participants receive weekly stipends. An implementation study examined the program’s design, operation and student participation patterns. An impact study with an experimental design measured effects on employment and educational outcomes 18-24 months after random assignment.

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